Gamondi defends his decision in Yanga’s loss to Ihefu


Young Africans (Yanga)

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Head coach Miguel Gamondi  has defended his decision to rotate the team against Ihefu on Wednesday. Young Africans’ perfect start in the NBC Premier League came to an end as they suffered their first defeat of the campaign at Ihefu.

The visitors side took the lead early in the first half when Pacome Zouzoua completed a nice cut back from Clement Mzize to beat goalkeeper Bakari Fikirini.

Young Africans  dominated much of the possession but against the run of play Ihefu  equalised with a stunning free-kick five minutes before the break. Goalkeeper Djigui Diarra spilled a free kick by Never Tigere that was headed home by Lenny Kissu.

In the second half, another fast counter-attack saw the ball eventually land at the feet of Charles Ilamfia  who smashed in the winner with a rearguard action seeing Ihefu hold on for the three points.

“I think the first goal we conceded we gave them a gift. Two mistakes, we tried to play in the back because we said the pitch is not good so don’t take risks.Then the goalkeeper made a mistake, it happens in football it is an easy mistake.”

“ They did not lose one situation in the first half. We played very well in the first and I think in a different match we could have gone to the break with a lead.”

“In the second goal, they got a counter attack. We knew that we were not safe while attacking. For the second goal they run 40 metres. We can blame ourselves for that. After that I think there was no more game because it is anti-football. What happened after is anti-football.”

“I don’t blame the referee but it is not in the level to manage a game like that. You can see a player who doesn’t want to play. they go down, wasting time. But we lost not because of the referee but for our mistakes. We didn’t put the ball in the net.”

“I am very disappointed with the result but it is football. It is only four games but we need to think about the next game.”

Gamondi  made five changes to his team but was quick to defend his decision saying that was not the cause for the loss.

“ The rotation was okay. We were leading and only conceded through a mistake. It’s not about the changes. Football is very unfair, if I had won the game, they would have said this is a big coach because of the changes. And now that we have lost, they may probably ask why I made changes. We can never make people 100% happy. Even when I made the changes in the second half we did not get what we expected. It’s football.”

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